EA's work has reached over 110,000 students at more than 350 universities and colleges.

The following selection of reports and publications highlights just a few of our recent projects. 

Early findings and lessons learned from the Student Experience Project and future directions for university leaders seeking to systematically measure and improve student experience. 

Increasing Equity in College Student Experience: Findings from a National Collaborative (2022)

student experience project

Brief overview from a project with faculty, counselors, and school partners at nine California Community Colleges to understand how the mindsets of faculty and counselors in two-year colleges influence their attitudes about reform, the practices they adopt, and their students’ experiences, motivation, and academic performance in transfer-level math and English courses. 

Student impacts of faculty mindsets in california community colleges (2022)

Summary report of findings from a project with three professional development opportunities to support California community college faculty in creating equitable classroom environments where all students are supported in reaching their full potential. 

Fostering Faculty Growth Culture PRactices in California Community Colleges: Summary Report (2023)

faculty mindsets in california community colleges


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