creates more equitable learning and working environments from college to careers.

creates more equitable learning and working environments from college to careers.

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The IU Equity Accelerator

IU Equity Accelerator

(FRO) in the nation to harness research, practice, and policy to create more equitable learning and working environments, from college to careers.

what we do

The IU Equity Accelerator is the first focused-research organization

what we do

and teams transform by applying social and behavioral science so that all learners can thrive in school and workplace settings.

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We are dedicated to helping institutions, organizations, 

university-based practitioners and industry-based leaders to develop, evaluate, apply, and scale novel evidence-based strategies, creating and sustaining more equitable educational and workplace settings that reduce social and economic inequalities.

how we work

As a focused-research organization (FRO) we create partnerships with

Institutions that are currently gatekeepers to opportunity have the potential to become gateways to equity and inclusion. 

why we are needed

Our team co-developed a web-based intervention for hundreds of college faculty at 6 universities, along with a nation-wide community of practice, which significantly changed STEM faculty’s attitudes and approach to teaching.

Increased students’ positive experiences and engagement in class, and significantly increased structurally disadvantaged students’ end-of-term grades and progress along STEM course paths. 

Members of our team have developed a novel method for organizational change that increased the motivation and performance of employees as well as the number of employees from underrepresented groups who applied, were hired, and were retained over 2 years.

How do we do this?

To make lasting systemic change, it is time to unlock the creative energy coming from the growing field of social and behavioral science to generate equity-focused solutions faster, more efficiently, and with a greater potential to be widely adopted and highly effective.

In 2022, the Equity Accelerator acquired the College Transition Collaborative (CTC), a research-practice partnership organization housed at Stanford University and co-founded by Drs. Mary Murphy, Christine Logel, Greg Walton, David Yeager, Shannon Brady, and Omid Fotuhi. CTC creates higher education learning environments that foster equitable student outcomes by bridging research and practice.  

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Building on a decade of experience in institutional transformation in higher education and the workplace.

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Postsecondary Education 

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The Equity Accelerator focuses on high-leverage problems of practice—points when students predictably question whether they can belong and succeed in college, especially points that contribute to inequality in higher education—and applies knowledge and methods rooted in the social and behavioral sciences to produce better and more equitable outcomes, particularly for students of color, first-generation college students, and women in male-dominated fields in higher education. The Equity Accelerator has created the empirical base to know “what works” to address some of the equity gaps in access, experience, and completion that plague many college settings and is using that knowledge to build tools, services, and strategies to help colleges cultivate equity, growth, and belonging among their students.

Our tools and resources are already being used by hundreds of universities around the country. The Equity Accelerator will expand this impact in higher education by building the infrastructure and supports to accommodate hundreds more college partnerships to advance equity, growth, and belonging—as well as college achievement and completion. This work is more relevant than ever as more students from diverse backgrounds transition from high school to college and struggle to complete college at the same level as their more structurally and economically advantaged peers.

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Postsecondary Education

Now more than ever, companies are struggling to attract, retain, and develop talented individuals from diverse backgrounds--and to create environments where these individuals thrive and advance in their careers. The corporate work of the IU Equity Accelerator helps organizations address these problems using its hallmark social and behavioral science approach.

We catalyze organizational change by bringing together top experts and corporate leaders to identify areas for change and advance equitable opportunities. Our customized partnerships can address all aspects of corporate culture — from the recruitment and retention of diverse talent to leadership development – and are tailored to organizations’ unique needs. Partnerships can begin with an environmental cues audit to identify bright spots and areas for change, and then support change with in-person or virtual workshops, self-paced modules, communication guides, personalized leadership consulting, and more.

The Equity Accelerator harnesses research and builds the infrastructure to provide equity-based solutions and services to companies and organizations who wish to create more equitable workplace environments. Through contracts, consulting, and data-sharing agreements, we collaborate with our corporate partners to understand what works at scale and to identify what additional research is needed to accomplish our aims. Together, we transform organizational cultures using behavioral science insights and conduct much-needed research along the way. 

Creating and sustaining more equitable workplaces is a social and moral imperative and it is an important interest to local, state, and federal governments, private foundations, and companies and organizations throughout the country. The Equity Accelerator is the first focused-research organization (FRO) in the country to bridge social and behavioral research with practice to advance more equitable workplace environments where all workers thrive.

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In Higher Education, our team has reached over 110,000 students at more than 350 universities and colleges

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