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Colleges and universities are enrolling more diverse student populations than ever and face real and immediate challenges of creating equitable environments where all students can succeed.

Whether your institution is looking to improve its culture and climate, attract and retain more diverse student populations, or looking for faculty training and professional development, we want to help. We offer high-impact, low-lift approaches that are practical, adaptable, and integrate into what you're already doing. We work with culture creators, empowering faculty, administrators, and staff, to transform their institutions into true Cultures of Growth where the norms, policies, and practices effectively support all students to thrive, regardless of their backgrounds. Our team of interdisciplinary experts have partnered with hundreds of colleges and universities to understand and address problems of equity and inclusion at their institutions.

We care deeply about helping organizations create meaningful impact for their students and staff. How can we help your growth journey?

Our Approach

  • Equity-Centered

    We are committed to applying an equity lens to all aspects of our work, addressing historical and ongoing inequalities across lines of difference. We strive to create Cultures of Growth where individuals from all backgrounds are valued, respected, and thrive.

  • Continuous Learning

    As the first focused research organization (FRO) in the nation to apply social and behavioral science to the challenge of creating–and sustaining–equitable learning and working environments, we are able to harness empirical evidence and apply it to real world problems, then apply that data to contribute to scientific understanding.

  • Collaboration

    We believe that sustainable, impactful change comes from inclusive and cross-disciplinary teams and partnerships. It’s about bringing together diverse minds and experiences, placing those closest to the challenges at the heart of the solution. We value and respect our partners’ local expertise. By building partnerships, we all amplify our impact.

Our Services


Our higher education team works with colleges and universities to develop, test, and apply evidence-based, affordable, and scalable tools and practices to create more equitable learning environments.
Example engagements: Focus Groups & Surveys, Equity Analysis of Institutional Data, Communities of Practice.
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EA has a proven track record of providing high-impact, evidence-based workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators to deliver more equitable student experiences and lead to better outcomes for students. Example topics: Belonging, Cultures of Growth, Assessment & Feedback Practices, Revising Course Policies.
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Tools & Resources

Our tools and resources are already being used by hundreds of colleges and universities around the country. Access our library here.

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