How we Serve

Higher Education

  • Our higher education team works with college and university partners (students, faculty and administrators) to develop, test, and apply evidence-based, affordable, and scalable tools and practices to create more equitable learning environments for all students.
  • We engage in robust needs assessments & collaborative partnerships to identify and address the places of structural and institutional friction that often serve as obstacles to academic success for students from structurally disadvantaged backgrounds, including racial and ethnic minority students, students who are first in their families to go to college, rural students, low-income students, LGBTQ+ students, and others.
  • Partners enjoy access to our research, tools and resources for creating Cultures of Growth.
  • We offer professional development opportunities to managers, leaders, and teams to develop inclusive Cultures of Growth. Each year we invite professionals to join our limited cohort-based workshops and courses, and we also can also create more private learning experiences internal to your organization.
  • Our strategic consulting services provide executives, managers, and people operations professionals with support for creating more inclusive, growth-minded organizational change that boosts motivation and performance.
How we Serve

Organizations & Workplaces

The IU Equity Accelerator brings new, evidence-based solutions to college and career equity challenges by partnering with higher-education and workforce partners to develop affordable and scalable strategies for creating learning and working environments where everyone can meet their full potential.

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