Nedim Yel

Nedim Yel, PhD

Consulting Statistician

As EA’s Consulting Statistician, Nedim is instrumental in managing data, crafting compelling visualizations, and analyzing expansive datasets. Additionally, his proficiency in creating R scripts propels the projects to new heights. He has made significant contributions through his expertise in Randomized Controlled Trial designs across numerous research studies. Nedim’s academic journey saw him earning a Ph.D. with a concentration in Measurement and Statistics from Arizona State University. Further augmenting his already impressive credentials, he completed a prestigious two-year fellowship on the Strategic Data Project at Harvard University.

Nedim’s dedication transcends mere academic confines. He is fervently committed to championing equity in education, ensuring access to justice, and enhancing healthcare outcomes. This dedication is evident through his collaborations with the California Department of Education, where he has been an advocate to bridge the digital divide. He has also championed causes to diversify not only the teaching profession but also the legal domain, reflecting his broader vision for a more inclusive society. Away from the rigors of his professional commitments, Nedim finds solace in nature. Whether hiking through verdant trails, camping under starry skies, or taking serene walks alongside lakes, rivers, or beaches, he cherishes the moments of tranquility these experiences afford him.

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