Higher Education Services

Our team is dedicated to helping institutions transform so that all learners can thrive. 

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Professional Development Workshops

The Equity Accelerator has a proven track record of providing high-impact, evidence-based workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators. These workshops present concrete tools and resources for higher education professionals to deliver more equitable student experiences that lead to better outcomes for students. Example topics: Belonging, Cultures of Growth, Assessment & Feedback Practices, Revising Course Policies. 

We know that targeted, personalized, support can make all the difference in gaining buy-in for institutional and classroom initiatives, leading to smoother, and more engaged implementation. We collaboratively problem-solve with faculty and administrators to improve student experiences that lead to more equitable outcomes. The EA’s experts are here to help you deliver the highest impact for your students.

Technical Assistance

Equity Analysis of Institutional Data

As evidence-based researchers and practitioners, we know that institutional transformation requires an assessment of both bright spots and hot spots–the places where institutions are serving students very well–and those where there are opportunities for meaningful change. Our well-tested approach to analyzing institutional data accelerates the identification of challenges, an important precursor to implementing evidence-based solutions. This service is well-complemented by technical assistance for implementation of new practices and policies.

Focus Groups & Interviews of Students, Faculty, Staff, & Administrators

There is power in listening to students and the professionals that support and instruct them. By speaking directly to the people on the ground, we can support your efforts to understand experiences from a variety of perspectives, and align data-driven solutions that are more likely to support student success, and gain buy-in from faculty and administrators for institutional changes.

Communities of Practice

Our experience with faculty and administrators has taught us that change is more likely to take root and be sustained when people work together to exchange ideas, feedback, and experiences. We can lead your team towards transformation by providing structure and ongoing support in structured learning communities for the implementation of new classroom and institutional practices aligned to your equity goals.